Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marvelous Mei Tais

I've been meaning to post about this for a few weeks now, but time seems to continually escape me. We've had much going on around here at Baby So Smart headquarters-- sick kids, sick families, a photo shoot that got canceled because all scheduled participants were sick, fun school projects, and some great new changes in our Mei Tais!

In addition to adding quite a few new Mei Tai fabrics-- which you will be seeing added to the website over the next few weeks, so check back often-- we've added a new Mei Tai style. First, check out some of the beautiful new fabrics:

These pretty summery polka dots will be called "Del's", in tribute to my absolute favorite summer beverage.

I finally got a chance to see this black-and-white print from Alexander Henry in person and just fell in love-- I hope you do, too! This beauty is called "Yoko."

And then there is "Lucinda & Jane," in tribute to some of my favorite characters from Beatrix Potter's children's stories, a striking chocolate and orange retro-style floral.

And let's not forget our interpretation of some of the beautiful new prints from Amy Butler's latest fabric collection-- "Siobhan," a striking deep periwinkle and orange print, and it's ruby sister, "Valentine."

In addition to all these beautiful new Mei Tai fabrics (and there are many more, just not enough space to show them all here), we've added a new Mei Tai style! This awesome addition to our Mei Tai family will make babywearing even easier for parents! This Mei Tai is called the "Click-It," and it features a buckle waist and a padded (but not bulky) structured waistband, along with our other great Mei Tai features. Look for photos coming soon!

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