Wednesday, October 31, 2007

There's a Reason Why

I've just spent the last hour--wait, let me rephrase that-- wasted the last hour trying to "customize" my little blog spot. Oh, I know, they all tell me the same thing, them, the notorious "they" and "them" who are supposed to be my "Customer Support" at all of these non-tech tech sites that I'm getting used to using. (I know, I'm way behind the times, blame my kids). I was supposed to quickly and easily upload some lovely photo of myself to use on my profile, change the look of my blog by customizing the colors, layout, etc, etc, etc. Right, here I am, not having been able to figure any of this out, still where I left it last night . . . .

There's a reason why I leave some of the business details to my husband. Like all of this "easy" computer stuff. Like talking to all the tech geeks at our hosting site. He understands this stuff, he speaks it, it truly is another language, I don't care what anyone says, and he speaks "the language." I, clearly, do not, and will probably never be anywhere near fluent. Maybe someday I'll be able to limp through with a weak understanding of what HTML really is, or how to assign a URL to all the photos I'm trying to use in my many business hosting sites, but I'll never be fluent. There's a reason why.

There's a reason why I'm the chief breast feeder in the family. (This one should be easy for all of you trying to figure out the reasons why before I get to the explanation part). There's a reason why I'm the one who always seems to have to give birth to our children. (Again, idiot easy).

And there's a reason why I choose to be the designer and creator of all of our beautiful babywearing products. I love, love, love, love, love fabric. Especially expensive, rich beautiful fabrics like silks and brocades and cashmeres and camel hairs (oh, they're all here, or going to be, at some point). I mean, come on, look at the link:, tell me you wouldn't feel gorgeous swathed in these beautiful creations? How could you not, the fabrics in their most basic state are awe-inspiring, breath-taking, exquisite, and that's how I see moms. So that's how I want to see moms "dressed," carrying their babies in fabrics that make these beautiful, sexy, gorgeous moms glow.

There's a reason why you should carry your baby in one of our slings--not only are they great for your baby, easy on your back, comfortable to wear, but they're gorgeous, too!

We have a slogan around here at Baby So Smart, and it goes like this. "Smart Parents, Smart Slings . . . Smart Babies." So, are YOU smart?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Thought You'd Like to Get a Good Look at Me!

The Great Belly

So What's the Big Deal with Babywearing?

Many of my friends have been encouraging me to start "blogging," and I've been putting it all off, as I'm not the most computer-savvy and it's not like I'm loaded with extra time. But, I've thought about it and I've finally decided to give it a try.

I think I'll be blogging about all kinds of things that are important to me-- my kids, family, life, babywearing, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and all the other little lovelies that go along with these topics.

I'm going to start it all out today with my passion, babywearing.

So, what is the big deal with babywearing? It's all over Hollywood these days. Open any current celebrity magazine and you're bound to see photos of some young starlet toting her precious little one around, not in her arms, not in some high-priced glitzy stroller, but in a sling, a Mei Tai, a soft-bodied baby carrier of some sort. There's Julia Roberts, Madonna, Angelina Jolie (of course), Marcia Cross, Gwen Stefani (rumored to be carrying another one!), Kate Hudson, Brooke Shields, and lest we forget the dads, there's Brad Pitt, Gavin Rossdale, Liev Shrieber . . . .the list goes on.

I do it myself, have done it with all three of my kids, and love it! So I'll tell you what the big deal is, in my opinion. There's nothing better than snuggling a warm, sweet smelling little one (baby or toddler) in your arms, gazing into their adoring eyes, talking softly into their little ears, taking them everywhere that you go, making them an integral part of every part of your daily life. And the best part of it is-- I'm not breaking my back doing it! My little one is well-supported in my favorite silk sling, yes, silk-- hey, I want to look good, too-- my hands are free to do whatever it is I want to do, I can breastfeed on-demand hands-free anywhere that I need to (and I have a convenient breastfeeding cover-up at my disposal--the tail of my sling), need I say more?!

Forget about all the real health benefits that go along with babywearing. And there are PLENTY of those. (I'll talk about some of those down the road). I just really like the convenience of being able to do whatever I want whenever I want, have my hands free, and have my sweet little ones up close to my face, not somewhere dangling down by my knees in a heavy carseat "carrier" (you do know they're not really carriers, right?) or, again, down at my knees, facing away from me in a stroller so we can't ever really communicate well. I just can't see the benefit of those devices, bummer for those babies and kids who are strapped into them for every excursion their parents go on.

Anyway, that's the big deal with babywearing. It's convenient, it's great for babies and their parents, it can be very stylish, too, and it keeps me hands-free!

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